Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development : social capital and corporate development in developing economies
Risa Bhinekawati 

Many different companies can significantly contribute to the integrated goals and targets of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, such as poverty reduction by 2030. Poverty is not only about people living on less than $1.25 per day, but more fundamentally, it is their lack of capabilities and access to participate in productive economic activities. If companies can contribute in order to provide access and the necessary skills, then individuals will have the capabilities to achieve their aspirations, including earning a higher income. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development supports Sen’s assertions that poverty can be alleviated if the capability of individuals is improved. Beyond that, this book shows that sustainable development goals can be achieved when the company’s CSR programs and social capital development in improving people’s capabilities are combined with necessary finance access and market access for the poor...  

  Strategic corporate social responsibility : sustainable value creation
David Chandler 

I’ve been using this text to support learning in two classes I teach, Managing for Sustainability and Global Corporate Social Responsibility. I found it to be a strong support for my approach, which involves situation studies and roundtable discussions pertinent to each course. David Chandler’s approach works well for many reasons. • Current discussions in our US government particularly render it difficult to focus on public policy influences on sustainability and social responsibility, or to promote ethical actions based on altruism. Business administration students may be biased toward a tendency to perceive profits as paramount, and non-business students attracted to the course topics may end up affirming one another’s perceived goodness without learning how to negotiate corporate-influenced environments. • A vision of perfection may supplant the good that can come of more strategic CSR approaches... 

  Trade costs and inclusive growth : case studies presented by WTO chair-holders
Robert Teh 
World Trade Organisation 

This book looks at how implementation of the WTO's Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) can help reduce trade costs and promote growth. The publication brings together contributions from ten participants in the WTO Chairs Programme, which supports trade-related activities by academic institutions in developing countries. The book looks into how the Aid for Trade initiative can assist with implementing the TFA, the importance of mainstreaming trade into national development strategies, and the potential impact of the TFA in various regions.  


加入WTO的歷程,累積無數人的辛酸與血淚。 藉著參與人士拚湊的記憶,希望能為WTO走過的足跡留下雪泥鴻爪,也為百場艱苦卓絕的「日內瓦戰役」,及談判鬥士們生命中或深或淺的足跡,留下歷史紀錄,見證大家同舟共濟,奮力圓一個偉大的夢想;也讓日後台灣爭取加入TPP (跨太平夥伴協定)、RCEP (區域全面經濟夥伴協定)、FTA (自由貿易協定) 等區域經貿整合的過程中,找到跟隨的足跡。